Yemeni Newsroom Team

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Abdullah almamre

.A media student specializing in journalism at Taiz University and an independent journalist, trained in investigative journalism and open source investigations, and produced a number of them with regard to Yemeni affairs, and is very interested in this type of journalism, which is considered to be new in the Arab media community.


Abeer Mohsen

A freelance journalist focusing mainly on woman's issues and human rights. I'm interested in the open source and in-depth investigations, a broadcaster of a program that discusses Yemeni women's issues on Yemen Times Radio .. Member of the Yemeni Women Journalists Network(YWJN) and Yemen Youth Forum for Peace(YYFP)


Zahra Al Qadasi

A student at Sana‘a University Faculty of Mass Communication؛ a freelancer journalist, I tend to write human stories, investigative journalism, and creative literary writings, full of passion about writing in general, and journalistic in particular and in continuous development.


Ayah Hashem

A media student at Sanaa University interested in human rights and independent writer in the political arenas in Yemen. I hope to be an investigative journalist

@ayah hashem

Olfat Al Qabati

A student of mass communication in Sana’a university. Intrested in politics , humanitarian fields, passionate about investigations because it helps people to learn about the reality and how to share it with public opinion with total credibility and truth.