Yemeni Newsroom Team

We are young Yemeni journalists who grew up during the war, but that wasn’t an obstacle to our pursuit of the truth. For this reason, our interest in deep and serious journalism has grown. Our team possesses high capabilities in producing various types of journalism using modern technologies in the field of media. We each have different interests which led us to be a strength source and adds an advantage to us as a team. We have participated in several trainings with diverse organizations in different fields such as investigative journalism and open source investigations, as well as feature reports and human interest stories. Thus we embody a new generation of young male and female journalists who are looking to promote the principle of professionalism and credibility, armed with the ethics of the profession.

Our Team

Zahra Al Qadasi

A student at Sana‘a University Faculty of Mass Communication؛ a freelancer journalist, I tend to write human stories, investigative journalism, and creative literary writings, full of passion about writing in general, and journalistic in particular and in continuous development.


Olfat Al Qubbati

A student of mass communication in Sana’a university. Intrested in politics , humanitarian fields, passionate about investigations because it helps people to learn about the reality and how to share it with public opinion with total credibility and truth.


Radwan Beshr

Abrar Baggash

Abdallah Ali

طالب إعلام بجامعة صنعاء اليمنية


Ashjan Bajash

Najm Al Dain Qasem

صحفي استقصائي مستقل، وطالب صحافة في جامعة صنعاء، والجامعة الأمريكية في بيروت "AUB"، متعاون مع شبكة أريج للصحافة الاستقصائية، وقسم تحقيقات العربي الجديد، منصة خيوط ودرج ميديا. أعمل حالياً كعضو هيئة تحرير لدى الشبكة اليمنية للصحافة الاستقصائية "يمان"، بدأت العمل في الصحافة عام 2020 من خلال المواقع المحلية اليمنية، بدأت العمل في غرفة الأخبار لدى موقع ومنصة "ريمة بوست" المحلية حتى نهاية عام 2019. بدأت العمل في مجال الصحافة الاستقصائية منذ بداية 2020 وأخذت عدة تدريبات مع شبكة أريج و بلينكات، تعلمت طرق التحقق وتدقيق المعلومات والبيانات، عملت على عدة تحقيقات حول حقوق الإنسان والفساد وتهريب الآثار، لدي خبرة في استخدام أدوات التحقق وتدقيق المعلومات والتحقيقات مفتوحة المصدر.


Walid Tarek Nasser

Our Alumni

عبدالله المعمري

.A media student specializing in journalism at Taiz University and an independent journalist, trained in investigative journalism and open source investigations, and produced a number of them with regard to Yemeni affairs, and is very interested in this type of journalism, which is considered to be new in the Arab media community.


Abeer Mohsen

A freelance journalist focusing mainly on woman's issues and human rights. I'm interested in the open source and in-depth investigations, a broadcaster of a program that discusses Yemeni women's issues on Yemen Times Radio .. Member of the Yemeni Women Journalists Network(YWJN) and Yemen Youth Forum for Peace(YYFP)


Ayah Hashem

A media student at Sanaa University interested in human rights and independent writer in the political arenas in Yemen. I hope to be an investigative journalist

@ayah hashem