Lebanese Newsroom Team

Our team is unique in being the first to involve students from both East and West campuses of Lebanese University’s Faculty of Information. We are skilled in reporting, investigative journalism, social media management, photography, video, writing and editing. We also regularly receive training from journalism professionals and experts to support our learning through building a network of media and community partners. In some cases this has led to more specific and ongoing partnerships with journalism professionals and organisations, namely Raseef22 and Maharat.

Email us at connect@nawamedia.org if you’d like to join our team, or hear more about our ongoing training opportunities.

Our Team

Batoul Diab

A journalism student at the Lebanese University. I'm a news editor at "Almayadeen website", where i focus mostly on political and social subjects and working at new-media/social networking. Making documentaries is something i love, and my first one was very successful.


Chadi Tannous

Journalism student at the Lebanese University and freelance journalist. Did an internship at VDL radio station, and currently an internship at 'Al-Akhbar' newspaper. Published several investigations on Lebanese societal issues.


Elissa Mdawar

Citizen of the world. Freelance journalist. I focus on cultural, social, scientific and mental health issues. In the MENA countries lacking almost everything, there is so much that we can do. Traveling | Arts | Nature


Maryam Dahdouh

Freelance journalist, student at the Lebanese university. Participated in journalism workshops and covered conferences. Interested in civil society issues, and focusing on activating the role of women in Arab societies. For me journalism means three words: audacity, investigation, and adventure.


Maryo Nakhoul

Freelance journalist and photographer focusing mainly on social affairs, education, environment and culture. Some good books, lot of music and so much love make me feel happier. Positive. Optimist. Naturoholic. “Do it with Love”


Samaya Jaber

A freelance journalist. with a great passion in documenting. My first try has received a great acclaim. Student at the Lebanese University. Did an internship at "Al-Sahat television", and attended different workshops, trainings and events to develop my journalistic skills.


Sara Obeid

Freelance journalist interested in research and writing. Graduated from the Lebanese University with a BA in Journalism and English Literature. I have done an internship at Al-Nour radio station. Attending conferences and workshops related to journalism, media and digital media made me more motivated and encouraged me to look forward towards my masters degree!


Stephanie Ghanem

Journalism student at the Lebanese University. Did an internship at VDL and the National News Agency. Covered several conferences on Lebanese social issues, published articles and attended journalism workshops.


Tracy Makhlouf

Freelance journalist. Currently a media Master's student at the American University of Beirut and a graduate assistant. Interested in pursuing a career in media research, as well as documentary filmmaking and production in the humanitarian field.


Zahraa Dirani

Master student in Media and Communication Studies at the Lebanese University. Freelance journalist focuses on social issues. Interested in cultural studies and learning more about communities around the world.


Marwa Harb

Masters in Digital Media, Freelance Journalist with 5 years experience in Social Media. Interested in covering environmental and social issues.Positive vibes all the way long !


Our Alumni

Fatima Meneem

Masters student in Information and Communication Sciences at the Lebanese University. To present BA in Arabic Literature at the Lebanese University as well. Covered and attended several Conferences about New Media. Workshop in acting, video editing adobe premier. Interested in researches and film making.


Layla Yammine

Freelance journalist, based in Beirut. Lebanese University graduate. Currently writing for "Vice Arabia", and a member in a research team working on current Arab issues. Focusing in my job on the importance of the role of the Arab youth.