Egyptian Newsroom Team

We are trained at the American University in Cairo (AUC), set to receive our Bachelors in Multimedia Journalism or Communication and Media Arts. We are skilled writers, researchers, reporters, and editors. We also consistently utilize multimedia elements in our reporting which made us masterful at photography, audio, video, and overall visual communication. We get most of our professional training at the Caravan, AUC’s official student newspaper, and through various practical projects under the guidance of the Journalism and Mass Communications Department.

Our Team

Basant Samhout

Political Science and Multimedia Journalism student at the American University in Cairo. Reporter Researcher for the Cairo Review journal. Intern at the Kerning Cultures Podcast Network. Producer and Host of the 'RADUC' Podcast. Interested in international relations, foreign policy, public advocacy, and presenting varying socio-political issues.


Monica Naguib

Freelance journalist. Has a B.A in multimedia journalism from the American University in Cairo. Interested in civil society issues and women's rights. Passionate about writing and storytelling.


Bassel Hanna

I'm a journalism student at AUC, minoring in both writing and psychology. I worked as a reporter for a semester at The Caravan, the AUC student newspaper, and it's fair to say that it was my most enjoyable time at university. I'm passionate about bringing stories to people that would otherwise remain unheard.


Our Alumni

Menna Haroun

A novelist, freelance journalist, and documentaries producer. I have a bachelor degree in Multimedia Journalism and Arabic literature at the American University in Cairo. My goal in life is to reach and give a voice to the voiceless as everyone has his own story that should be told from his own perspective.


Noran A Morsi

Cairo-based fresh grad with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism from the American University in Cairo. Passionate about Photography, Podcasting, Creative Writing and Theatre.