Bread&Net Conference: how to be digitally secure?

By Zahraa Dirani |

Edited by : Fatima Meneim.

this video talks about:

1- how governments, hate groups, and other groups may monitor people.

2 – the level of digital security people should take into consideration and the government threats

3 – people should stay anonymous, considering threats by finding ways to know people we are talking with.

4 – a lot of the documentation we see coming out from this region are actually things that are created by the perpetrators of human rights abuses themselves.

5 – it’s very important that you all have a discussion with whoever you are talking with, the discussion is more important than the tools to protect our selves and to be digitally secured

6 – to be secured think about the threats .

7 – surveillance, using data, the content of the messages and cyber crimes law.