Three internships assisting development of open source investigations and sources collections

Funded: Yemeni Archive

Yemeni Archive is an initiative created by a collective of human rights activists, technologists, and journalists working to securely preserve and verify open source documentation relating to human rights violations and other crimes committed by all sides during the conflict in Yemen. Yemeni Archive aims to create an evidence-based tool for reporting, advocacy and accountability purposes.



During the following 2019 internships, Yemeni Archive hosted and trained three Yemeni interns to assist with the development of the organisation’s open source investigations and sources collection. The interns were trained to use open-access tools to develop and publish open source investigations.

The call for internship went out in 2019, targeting journalism students in Sanaa and Taiz universities in Yemen. The students were shortlisted and interviewed by the Yemeni Archive. Three of them were selected to undertake a three month internship, supported through the NAWA-IF fund. Two of the students started their remote internships in August 2019, and the third in September 2019. They participated in virtual training once a week over the three months, learning about media ethics, digital security, investigative journalism, and open-source investigations, in the lead-up to preparing their piece. Two of the students published two investigative pieces each:

This internship has allowed the participating students to be mentored by and work with a renowned media company thus gaining an understanding of the newsroom atmosphere as well as practical journalistic skills. The three interns also helped the Yemeni Archive in verifying and annotating open source content and contributing to investigations – the Yemeni Archive has therefore credited them on the Yemeni Archive website – see link below.