Raising awareness about attacks on Yemeni medical facilities

Funded: Yemeni Archive / Mnemonic gUG

Yemeni Archive is an initiative created by a collective of human rights activists, technologists, and journalists working to securely preserve and verify open source documentation relating to human rights violations and other crimes committed by all sides during the conflict in Yemen. Yemeni Archive will be working with Mnemonic gUG. 

This project involved:

  • Designing and launching  an online awareness campaign via the Yemeni Archive social media networks related to the attacks on medical facilities in Yemen and its impact on women and children. This campaign aims to raise awareness among Western audiences on the human impact of the attacks on medical facilities in the Yemen war
  • Publishing monthly statistics of Yemeni human rights documentation takedowns on social networks between August and December 2019.


Monthly statistics, Nov and Dec are forthcoming.

October statistics