Two articles on Syrian archives research

Funded: Inana Othman

Inana Othman is a researcher, writer and trainer for political education based in Berlin. Her current research and writing projects investigate topics such as intersectional education and memory practices in a post-migrant society, as well as the decolonial production of history, body and (digital) archive.

Inana Othman Article Pic

Inana was funded to produce two investigative reports on the digital archive industry and memory practices in the context of popular uprisings and immigration in Syria:

Remembrance as a creative resistance: The article published on Raseef22 delves into the collective memories of Syrians in Germany, based on interviews the journalist had conducted between 2018 and 2019.

The Syrian Digital Archive… a place where the future begins: Based on interviews she conducted in 2019, the article
also published on Raseef22 delves into the work of civilian photographers inside and outside Syria, showcasing how their testimonies play a role in the future of media production as well as Syrian and regional history.