Two investigations of Yemen airstrikes

Funded: Yemeni Archive

The Yemeni Archive is a new project which collects, verifies and investigates open source content relating to human rights violations in Yemen, building on the team’s previous experience running the Syrian Archive. The Yemeni Archive’s focus is to create a database of materials to support advocacy research, assist in legal case building, and construct a digital memory.


The NAWA-IF has supported the development of two investigative pieces which focus on the Yemen context. The first of these investigates the targeting of the Al-Hunud market neighbourhood by an airstrike (potentially by Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia). The second investigates the air strike targeting of Al-Mazraq 1 IDP camp, populated by displaced civilians. Both of these funded investigations are available in full on the Yemeni Archive website, linked below.

Yemeni Archive investigation image

Investigation: Targeting Al-Mazraq 1 IDP camp by air strikes

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Investigation: Targeting Al-Hunud market neighbourhood by an airstrike

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