Newsroom investigations: Algeria, Syria and Yemen

Funded: Newsroom Investigations

Three investigative reports were written by Yemeni, Algerian and Syrian journalists, thanks to funding from NAWA IF.

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Yemen in the shadow of war and “Corona”: an information epidemic and political polarization: Since the outbreak of the war in Yemen, different media platforms have been established and have contributed to spreading misinformation and rumors as well as politicized and contradictory reports about events in the country. This report, written by two Yemeni journalists and published on Daraj, delves into how Yemenis in various governorates face great difficulties in finding accurate and reliable information regarding the war and other important local issues.

“Begging is like war”… Africans extend their hands in the streets of Algeria: This report, published on Raseef22 by an Algerian journalist, delved into the issue of African refugees begging in the streets of Algeria, a phenomenon of great concern to the Algerian government, as it involves the exploitation of children and women, as well as human trafficking networks.

Syrian elections: a scenario of misinformation, fraud, and distortion to produce a president: This report published on Focus Aleppo by the editorial team delves into the reported numbers of voters and the results of the Syrian Presidential Election. While Al- Assad’s victory was expected and inevitable, the large and inflated numbers reported sparked widespread controversy about their credibility. The report attempts to present a truer picture based on an investigation into those numbers.