Enab – setting up and running a new podcast studio

Funded: YODET

Yemeni Organization for Development and Exchange of Technology (YODET) helps Yemeni individuals, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and cause-driven groups access world information resources safely and powerfully. To do so, it secures groups and organizations with reliable exchange technology channels and equips individuals and entrepreneurs with the skills of the digital era.

The projects supported and brought together by YODET are not only about technology, they are about creating an empowering environment for individuals, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and cause-driven groups to get the most out of the digital world in more participatory, inclusive, and effective ways.

Funding from NAWA-If has enabled YODET to set up a podcasting studio, and produce weekly episodes of their new ‘Enab’ podcast since June 2020 (the funding supports this activity through to June 2021). The Enab Podcast has been covering many subjects, such as social issues, entrepreneurship, economic issues, book summaries, digital security, digital citizenship, technology, and current subjects such as COVID-19 news and updates. Through the 12-month period of working on Enab, YODET aims to cover many topics that are a priority for the local community, at a rate of 1 episode per week. YODET has also started a Facebook Page and Twitter account for Enab Podcast to develop and engage their audience.

YODET Enab podcast studio