El-Journal daily podcast series about COVID-19

Funded: Radio Mednine

“Activists” is a cultural association seeking to develop cultural activity in the region of Medenine in south Tunisia and to support it by valuing the talents of the young people of the region and encouraging a spirit of citizenship in them. Radio Mednine is one of their projects, delivering the work funded here.

With support from the NAWA IF, Radio Mednine was able to start El-Journal, which is a daily news program following up on the figures and updates on COVID-19 at the local level first and then on a national level. This followed up on the spread of the pandemic situation in Mednine and hosted guest speakers and specialists to provide advice to those who were fighting the spread of COVID-19. Through the three-month project (14 May to 15 August 2020), the radio produced 50 episodes of the podcast. Below are three examples of episodes that were posted on the Radio Facebook page. 

Radio Mednine

Radio Mednine, Facebook post