COVID-19 fact-checking articles and videos

Funded: Association des Journalistes du Site Nawaat

Nawaat is an independent award-winning online media organisation created in 2004. Nawaat became an NGO in 2012 prior to the revolution with focused efforts on providing alternative coverage of Tunisia’s crucial events particularly focusing on democracy, transparency and accountability. Nawaat reports in three languages including English, French and Arabic.

Through the Check Global COVID-19 fund, Nawaat worked during May 2020 to write and translate six COVID-19-related fact-checking articles listed below: 

  1. COVID-19: Baignade interdite cet été en Tunisie? (French)
  2. COVID:19: What about banning swimming in Tunisia? كوفيد١٩: ماذا عن منع السباحة في تونس خلال هذا الموسم الصيفي؟ (Translated)
  3. Abdellatif Mekki remercié par l’OMS pour sa stratégie anti-Covid-19? (French)
  4. Mediapart a-t-il recommandé aux Français la destination Tunisie? (French)
  5. The income of Radio Mosaic is decreasing by 800 thousand dinars per day? تراجع مداخيل إذاعة موزاييك ب 800 ألف دينار يوميا؟ 
  6. Covid 19 in Tunisia: Legal clarifications regarding the « protective masks affair » (French)

Nawaat has also worked on producing three fact-checking/COVID-19-related videos tackling important topics: 

  1. Quarantine deepens the suffering of sub-Saharan Africans in Tunisia
  2. An interview with Ali Mhanni (DRI) about election campaign monitoring on Facebook
  3. «Operation Carthage»: Nabil Karoui and lobbyist Lotfi Bel Hadj busted by Facebook

Still from the interview with Ali Mhanni (DRI)

Still from the video Quarantine deepens the suffering of sub-Saharan Africans in Tunisia