The next phase of our Check work – Check Global

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The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) has been a major supporter of Check since 2011. The project began with a MENA-region focus, but we now move into a new three-year phase as the work grows, to a global scope.

Check Global will provide world-class tools and training resources to an international network of independent media organizations, journalism schools and human rights researchers in the developing world. This network shares a common goal, to collaborate around the significant challenge of sense-making in a new media ecosystem which is decentralized, global, and real-time. With a focus on collaboration, Check Global will create open source tools and open licensed online and offline training to support emerging practices in digital media literacy skills, fact-checking, disinformation monitoring and verification of digital media. Perhaps most significantly, this new project expands our previous MENA-based network to include:

  • East Africa (Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania)
  • Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela)
  • Southeast Asia (Philippines)

Once again led by Meedan and the team at Birmingham City University‘s Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR), the work is organised around five areas: technology; network; training; research; data. Look out for more detail here as the project continues…. suffice to say we’re really looking forward to sharing developments from around the world as the project unfolds.


Globe image by Nick Lee, under Creative Commons licence