Supporting Investigative Journalism in North Africa & Western Asia (NAWA)

NAWA Media is an open-access platform aimed at media activists, online verification enthusiasts, media professionals and journalism students, offering them support through training resources, networking opportunities and access to funding. It is the result of the collaborative Check project, involving researchers based at the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research, technology partner Meedan, and a number of grassroot media and community partners in Egypt, Lebanon Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Europe and the US.

The open-access resources you’ll find here are aimed at delivering practical journalism skills in areas such as digital media literacy, citizen reporting, online verification and investigative journalism. Additionally, the NAWA Investigative Fund is our programme independently funding new journalism in the region. The Lebanese University Newsroom is another legacy of our work, a ‘mobile newsroom’ run by students, covering events and conferences. You can find out about both projects on this site.

NAWA Investigative Fund

There is a pressing need for quality investigative journalism from, for, and about the Arab region. The NAWA-IF supports a new generation of journalists in the region by providing micro-grants for investigative work across all media. This fund supports investigative projects that look deeper into the region as a whole, how it connects, and the global impacts of events since the 2011 uprisings.

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Lebanese University Newsroom

Our mobile newsroom is run by journalism students from the Faculty of Information and Communication at the Lebanese University (Beirut). We cover events in Lebanon and the Arab region, with a particular focus on conferences, seminars and workshops that explore the interplay between media and social change in post-2011 NAWA.

Please get in touch to invite us to cover your conference, event or activity. Keeping in mind that we’re running the newsroom as a not-for-profit initiative, we welcome offers of financial and in-kind donations, journalism training, or sponsorship.

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